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The world's cultural and common culinary legacy is undisputedly a pre-eminent treasure. The heterogeneity of tastes, the evolution of cooking styles and the transformation of dietary predilections are effective tools for comparing the progress of human-made civilizations. Well-balanced food chains that include authentic raw materials and commodities, ingredients and processing aids, are the foundation of exemplary food & beverage products. AWT® Organization has a key agenda that is to preserve, promote and perfect Mankind's gastronomic heritage, honouring centennials of cross-border interaction and innovation in the fields of careful assemblage and processing of natural ingredients which support nourishment while forging a notion of tradition in cuisine styles. The Organization seeks also to promote the guardianship of biodiversity via the espousal of eco-friendly principles and practices in the food production. After all, our global economy needs natural resources to provide raw materials and natural systems such as healthy, fertile soils; clean water and air; and a regulated climate in order to maintain vital support services for our well-being and security.
Those who decide to join forces with us are willing to offer their customers an excellent value while respecting planetary boundaries and the need for social equity. All of our certified members recognise the integral role of animal health and welfare in sustainable food production and spare no effort to continue progressing the highest standards towards that direction. They are, also, expected to assess on a daily basis individual raw materials, commodities and ingredients against a range of potential risk and opportunity categories including: food and beverage safety, quality, adulteration, human rights and labour standards. Furthermore, they are expected to show in depth understanding of social and environmental impacts in accordance with evidence-based and peer-reviewed scientific thinking.
Let's not forget, food is more than just a basic necessity for survival. It's also something that so many people find pleasure in. Even if you aren't a proclaimed “taste aficionado” most of us can admit to having great memories made in the kitchen or around a table. From small dinners to large events, the expectations are a far cry from the rubber chicken and dry filet that was once anticipated. There's no doubt that encounters with food and beverage products are taking on greater importance. Especially in present times where a general flavours' awakening arises within ethnic or multinational communities. Most if not all of us are expecting top-quality experiences and awe-inspiring taste every time we eat. From a pop culture trend to the social experience of dining – there are so many reasons why raw materials of the finest quality and originality are of paramount importance. All those certified by us carry on their backs an ethnic identity, a tradition, a culture, our childhood memories and the experiences of our grandparents some of which derive from generation over generation. Thousands of years of history that we must keep authentic and alive through the passage of the centuries demonstrating ethos and reverence for the Mother Nature.

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